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Week 2 - Part 3 - MSG...sneaky and toxic!

MSG is one of the most controversial topics discussed when it comes to food additives and this is why it needs to be taken so seriously.

There are hundreds of food articles related to MSG and the majority of them would call this additive toxic to your health.

Why is it still allowed, you might ask? Well, it's cheap, it makes food taste amazing and it tricks your brain into thinking you want more, so you overeat and want that product again and again and again.  Now, what company wouldn't what a product like that in it's food?  So, it is still allowed because who is going to argue with these companies, certainly not the authorities.  The only way to have it removed is by people power, stop buying it and companies will eventually realise their profits are low and change their ways.

MSG is found in literally thousands of foods on the supermarket shelf, and some of these products may shock you, however, you probably won't see 'MSG' or '621' written on the food label, as it is heavily disguised.

We have fully explained MSG in the attached fact sheet located in the side bar. Please click, print it out and have a read.

Let's Talk MSG with Alisa from 123 Nourish Me

We're lucky enough to chat with Alisa from 123 Nourish Me about MSG.  It is a must watch, she was so informative and provided so much knowledge into MSG and how to avoid it.

Alisa is a proud mother to twin boys and feeding them food rich in nutrients is her inspiration.  Alisa is passionate about food and eating simply the way nature intended.  Alisa has been studying nutritional medicine for the past 8 years and hopes to qualify with masters once her boys are a little older.  She has grown up with grandparents who were both medical doctors with a passion for nutritional medicine, which has now been passed down four generations.

So grab yourself a cuppa and sit down, lets talk MSG....  it's going to blow your mind!

Then, after you have finished today's lesson, Alisa can be found by clicking on the following links Website, Facebook

Stop and make sure you've read the fact sheet before going on with the next lesson.

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