FAQ & Support

  • Q.Who do I contact if I am having trouble with the course content?

    A.Please email support@sistermixin.com with any questions about the course, it’s content, or access issues.

  • Q.How can I see all the modules, every week?

    A.The course is broken down into four main sections.  Each week a new set of modules will open up for you to access.  You are not able to skip ahead (sorry).  This allows us to stay on track in the chat group, as well as in the emails.

  • Q.How do I access the chat group?

    A.You need to request access to the chat group via the link you have received in the email.  As soon as payment has been confirmed you will be added to the private AFME chat group.

  • Q.How long can I remain in the chat group?

    A.You can remain in the chat group for as long as you like, we will never kick you out (there are a few exceptions to this – no foul language, no rudeness towards others, no promoting of goods for sale unless you have express permission from either Joanne or Tracey)

  • Q.Can I add my friend/family member to the chat group?

    A.Only paid attendees of AFME will be granted permission to join the AFME chat group.


At the time of writing this course all information was based on current data and research. The information has been gathered and collated by Sistermixin’ for your benefit but we make no representation as to the accuracy or authenticity of the data sources.

The information, as provided in the course, is not intended to replace medical advice and it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor or dietitian, with an interest in food additives, to discuss any underlying illnesses before undertaking any dietary changes.