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Week 4 - Part 8 - Let's Sum It Up!

Well, that is the end of week four and therefore the end of the course, but please take a look back at everything we covered in this last week.

  • You watched a very informative series of YouTube clips on the difference between Nitrates and Nitrites and how they react in your body.
  • You read the fact sheet on Nitrates and Nitrites and found out why we like to stay away from this preservative
  • We spoke with Stacey on healthy breakfast and lunch ideas
  • We looked at co-ops and bulk buying with Kristy
  • We talked about self care thanks to Amy and body shaming with Sara
  • We also provided you with some super simple DIY low tox recipes

It's Not Goodbye!

Now that you have finished the course, we recommend you take a moment to print out anything you would like to read again.  If you would like to watch any of the interviews again please do this now, before the course closes.

We would also like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone for being here. You all totally rocked it and we are so proud of you.

Remember, you are able to remain in the chat group for as long as you like, and we look forward to continuing your journey with you.

Help each other out as much as you can, keep each other inspired to keep doing more and basically just remain the amazing little community that you are.

Lastly, remember - just do the best you can each day and if things go a little astray here and there, then remember #dontstressit.  Just pick up again tomorrow and things will be fine, we promise.   🙂

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