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Week 4 - Part 5 - Self Care!

It is so important to stay focused on the end goal (remember back to your Why) and to help you achieve this we need you to put yourself first.  We want you to spend some time focusing on you, because without you who is going to achieve the end goal?

We don't mean that you have to stop focusing on everyone else, in fact, it is the opposite that we want.  By allowing yourself to spend just a small amount of time focused purely on you, you are actually helping all those around you.

You will be more in-tune, more calm and more relaxed, allowing you to spend your time in a more productive way. All we are asking is that you don't forget about yourself, don't forget about all the things you do and don't ever feel guilty about allowing yourself some down time.

It is well proven that those that allow themselves some 'time-out' are more productive, more focused and that is a good thing. It's hard to put yourself first, but it really is a priority.  It doesn't have to cost a fortune.  Have a bath, go for a walk or read a book.  Or, if you can afford it have a manicure, massage or indulge in a facial.  Take up yoga, head to the gym or whatever takes your fancy, as long as it is all about you.

By putting yourself first you are teaching everyone around you that you don't come second, but we know, it's not always easy! We have suffered from mother's guilt, putting ourselves last, but after a while that tends to become the 'norm'.  Being the last one to purchase a new outfit or wearing the same pair of sandals for 3 years because everyone else comes first.  That's a mothers role, right? Well yes, sort of, but sometimes it's easy to forget who WE are in the process.

So, ask yourself, who are YOU?

Lets talk Self Care with Amy

Today we talk with Amy from Happy Mama.  Amy is a mother who strives to stay connected with herself while raising a family.  Amy runs a reconnect program for those parents that want to reconnect with themselves and her interview is a must watch! Mothers guilt should play no part in our lives - we are all amazing and doing a beautiful job raising our families.

After you finish today's lesson, you can find Amy by clicking here:  Facebook, Wesbite

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