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Week 4 - Part 3 - Breakfast & Lunch Ideas!

Breakfast is one of those meals where we tend to have the same thing day in and day out.  On the weekends we might mix it up a bit with having our 'weekend' breakfast, but defiantly, during the week, it's easy to be on repeat mode.

We understand that the mornings are chaotic, they are busy and it's easy to just have the standard jam on toast, or cereal and milk.  Unfortunately these items often contain a lot of unwanted artificial food colours, 160b, MSG, preservatives and more.  They won't keep you full for long and you are left questioning why your kids are saying they are hungry only 30 minutes after finishing their bowl of cereal.

Lunch, ohhhh lunch...  Feedback and research says that we quite often have the same thing for lunch too, or we skip it, OR we pick for an hour and have no idea how much we've eaten, or what we've eaten - sound familiar??  Yep, that's cause we've been there too (and are still there some days!)...


Lets talk breakfast and lunches with Stacey

We have interviewed Stacey Clare from A Healthy Mum on breakfast and lunches because she knows her stuff.  She offers a free 21 day breakfast challenge and has released a beautiful e-book on lunchbox ideas.  She's a mum of two little ones, she works, her diary is full and her life is busy, but she's got breakfast and lunches down pat.

Stacey shares some amazing tips, and Jo had a lot of 'ah ha' moments when interviewing her. Please take the time to watch this interview, you will find loads of useful hints and tips as well.

You can find Stacey via her website by clicking here, and via Facebook or Instagram.

How cool is Stace?  We lover her too!

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