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Week 4 - Part 2 - Nitrates And Nitrites!

Nitrates and Nitrites have been added to many meat and cheese products for many years as it helps fight off harmful bacteria and makes the products last longer.  So is this a good thing?  Should meat be treated with this preservative to make it last a few extra weeks on the supermarket shelf?

To find out more about Nitrates and Nitrites we have put together a fact sheet, which you can download from the link on the right.

When Nitrates Go Bad...

As well as the fact sheet, we want you to watch a series of YouTube clips.  The first is called Priming the Protein Pump.

You can find the links to all the clips to the right.  There are nine short clips to watch.  Please make sure you watch them in order as they follow on from one another.

These clips explain, in detail, how your body converts Nitrates into Nitrites and in turn how this is then turned into Nitric Oxide. Whilst this sounds a bit confusing, it won't be after you've watched it.

Dr Greger then goes onto explain the difference between natural Nitrates in plants such as silver beet and why our body can process this without any issues at all and why Nitrate in processed meat is extremely bad for you.

Please remember that he is talking about processed meat (like lunch meat, ham, devon, bacon etc) not fresh meat like steak or mince.  And, the bacon he is referring to is bacon cured in nitrates.

It really is very interesting and well worth watching, so grab a cuppa and sit back and relax for about 10 mins.  You won't be disappointed.

Don't go on unless you've watch the YouTube clips.

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