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Week 4 - Part 1 - Welcome to Week 4!

This is the final week, and we have saved some of the best for last.

This week we will:

  • Look at nitrates and learn why you should avoid this nasty preservative
  • Watch an informative series of YouTube clips explaining the difference between nitrates and nitrites
  • Get inspiration from Stacey Clare to try a few new food ideas
  • Have a look at co-ops and how to get one started with Kristy Arnall
  • Learn the importance of Self Care with Amy, from A Happy Mumma
  • Discuss body image, movement and more with Sara Dean, from The Shameless Mom Acadamy
  • Show you a few easy and quick DIY products to further your additive free journey

We wanted to remind you that although this is the last week of the course, this isn't the end of us. You are welcome to stay in the private Facebook group for as long as you want, in fact, we encourage you to!

We will monitor this group and be there to answer questions (even after the course has finished).

You can't get rid of us that easily 😉 x

Yay, let's get this week started!!

Bring It On...