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Week 4 - Part 3 - How To Deal With Birthday Parties!

Birthday parties are one of those things that would freak us out completely.

How do I attend a birthday party knowing there is going to be an abundance of colourful lollies, bright fizzy drinks, preservative filled party pies and everything else in between??

This was probably the hardest challenge we faced when going additive free and we were left wondering, "How do you get through this event, all the while knowing the harmful effects this type of food is having on your child's health, let alone their behaviour afterwards?"

But don't fear, we have got you covered and have put together this helpful guide full of helpful tips and advice.

Please download the How To Deal With Guide on the right, have a read so you can head to the next party without the added stress, and if it all goes pear shaped, #dontstressit

Next time you're the one planning the party, you may like our blog post on how to create an additive free party.  Lots of delicious recipes and ideas 🙂

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