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Week 3 - Part 3 - Let's Look At Benzoates

This section of the course is all about Benzoates. Never heard of them #dontstressit, let's check them out...

This harmful preservative isn't commonly known to consumers, however it can be found in hundreds of items.  Unfortunately, benzoates are not only limited to food/drinks, but this nasty little chemical is also added to cosmetics, shampoo and conditioner and, even toothpaste!

Please download your Fact Sheet on Benzoates and have a read.  We think you'll find it very informative (and maybe a little bit scary).

We know this information can be a bit overwhelming, so please remember to ask questions in the chat group, or send us an email (info@sistermixin.com).  We are there to help as much as we can.

Let's Talk Benzoates With Alexx Stuart

Today with talk with Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life.  Alexx is a proud mother and an advocate for living a low tox life, either by the foods we consume or what we put on our skin.  Her passion is contagious and she is creating a difference with her own e-courses, changing lives one person at a time.

After you finish today's lesson you can find Alexx on her website and Instagram

You will find her interview captivating, we are sure.   Enjoy x

Baby Wipes

Now, not to freak you out, but as Alexx has explained a mix of Sodium Benzoate and Citric Acid forms a chemical reaction called Benzene.  Benzene has been linked to cancer (such as leukaemia) and other blood cancers.

You'll find a mix of sodium benzoate and citric acid in most baby wipes... yup!

Here's a recipe to make your own, so super simple!

Ready to hear about Sulphites?

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