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Week 2 - Part 7 - Let's Sum It Up!

How epic was week 2?!  Your head might be spinning just a little, that's ok.  Take a little breather and soak in all the information.

Don't forget that you can print off all the PDF's and the transcripts for all the interviews are up in the top menu bar.  These are great to keep for future reference.

  • We've looked at artificial food colours (mind blowing!)
  • We've talked about MSG and covered all the different names (who knew there was so many!).
  • We spoke about anger and guilt.
  • We talked about those friends and family that just don't understand.
  • You watched some great interviews, thank you to Sue, Alisa and Shane.

Next week we look at preservatives.  This is a big one, you're going to love it!

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