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Week 2 - Part 6 - Husbands or Hus-pains?

This isn't a lesson about husband bashing, because some of us are lucky to have the men in our lives on board, in fact, some of you might even be doing this course together - awesome!  However, we hate to say it, you're the minority.

So far, 100% of people that have registered for this course are women.  Fact.

Throughout all the courses we've done, the majority of us are women.  Fact.

You only have to go to your health and wellness Facebook pages, and we would guarantee you, the followers are mostly women.  Why?

Today Jo interviews her husband, Shane.  Right from the start Shane was on board with moving to an additive free diet for their daughter, but he wasn't willing to give up his energy drinks, meat pies and bag of chips in a hurry himself...

We hope you find this interview encouraging, it's one that was done during our first round in 2016, and we answer some of your questions that came up in the Facebook group.  It's nice to hear things from another point of view sometimes.

Let's recap...

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