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Week 2 - Part 5 - How To Deal With Family And Friends That Just Don't Understand

You have learnt so much already and are starting to make some massive changes in the food you choose to eat - well done you!!

Firstly, we want to say - high fives all around!!  You are doing great and totally taking all of this information on board.

However, some of you, by now, might be feeling the pressure of family (and friends) who are not on this journey with you.  It can be hard to get them to understand, we mean seriously "why would you want to eat a diet free from harmful chemicals?"  (sorry a bit of sarcasm there).  We get it and have both been in that exact situation, actually we ARE in that situation!

We still face a few battles here and there with family that continue to feed our kids stuff we wouldn't but it's baby steps we say...baby steps.

To help you through this tough phase, please have a read of this simple "How to deal" guide.  It will give you some practical tips to assist you when dealing with family and friends that just don't understand.

Remember to stay positive, stay focused on the end goal and refer back to your 'WHY' if you need a quick reminder why you are doing this.

Don't forget to share your hints and tips with everyone in the chat group too!

In the next lesson Jo interview's her husband - why are (most) men so hard!?

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