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Week 1 - Part 8 - Quick And Easy Meal Ideas

You only have to google the words additives and preservatives and you will get literally hundreds of posts regarding foods and things to avoid.... On the flip side you will also get the odd post saying that these chemicals are safe to ingest and there is nothing wrong with them.

However, the facts are, that whilst one small serving, every now and then, is most likely safe, there is no evidence to prove that consuming all of these chemicals every day, will not cause long term effects.  Some of these chemicals will actually, over time, build up in your system and can take years to leave the body....it's just plain scary!

Lets Talk Quick And Simple Meals With Lisa Corduff

To help inspire you to start cooking more wholesome, natural foods, Jo talks to Lisa Corduff about quick and simple meal ideas.  Lisa is the master of this, she runs a super successful business and has three small children to look after.  She knows first hand about being time poor, but still manages to feed her children additive free foods. Lisa's ideas make sense. They are affordable, they are quick, and they are meals that most kids will eat.

Have a watch and then share with us your quick and easy meal ideas in the Facebook group.

After you have finished today's lesson, you can find Lisa by clicking the below links.

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Are you inspired to cook sausage and veg in the oven now?

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