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Week 1 - Part 7 - A Healthy Food Culture In The Home

We had the pleasure of spending a week with Clare in the Philippines, whilst on a business trip.  This busy Mum of three keeps things real.  She travels a lot with her business, which focuses on empowering both parents and teachers with real life strategies.

We'd love for you to check out her website by clicking here and her Facebook page by clicking here. But before you do, please take a listen to her interview. Sit back and relax, or pop in your earphones and listen while you're folding the washing.

Do not skip this video. Clare talks about the culture of food in the home and shares her wisdom about keeping meals less stressful.

We discuss some tips for fussy kids, as well as talk openly about how hard it can be to get our partners on board.

Not only that, Clare talks openly about her beliefs surrounding 'treats' and shares how she swaps them out for better choices.

Watched Clare's interview?  Ready for more??

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