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Week 1 - Part 4 - Food Diary

We know it can be overwhelming, looking at all those numbers - what do they mean? Are they really that bad? 

With over 300 food additives approved for use in Australia, we are going to spend the next 30 days (4 weeks) taking a closer look at some of the ones we think are the worst of the worst.  

When Jo started to live an additive free lifestyle a few years ago, she struggled to find the information and help that she needed.  There was no one-stop-shop into living an additive free lifestyle, and this is the inspiration behind why we have created this course.  We wanted to help you on your journey and make your life just that little bit easier.

We want you to start a food diary, and we've created a helpful PDF which you can download and print out.  Here's an example how to fill it out:

Food DiaryExample

This will allow you, in time, to work out what reactions (skin rashes, greasy hair, tantrums, headaches, tummy aches etc) are effecting you and/or your family and what might be triggering these reactions.

Reading Tasks

To give you an extra boost of confidence please take the time to read the How To Deal With Starting Out Fact Sheet found in the Useful Links section. This will cover some of the most frequently asked questions.

Then click on the link to our blog post regarding our Top Five Tips To Eating Additive Free, this will give you a bit of extra insight (and inspiration) into the 'starting out' phase of this journey.  Alternatively if you prefer audio, then you can listen to our Top Five Tips To Eating Additive Free via our Podcast Show.  Listen in the car, on your walk or while washing the dishes.  Click here to download.

Remember to come back once you have finished, so you can complete this section of the course.

You are here because you want to learn.  You are here because you want to eliminate or reduce the numbers/chemicals consumed from today's 'food like products', but remember what was said in our welcome video - take it slowly and ask lots of questions.

Please also remember our course motto #dontstressit...

We don't want you to feel stressed that this is all too hard or that you still have so much to learn, by the end of the four weeks you will feel more in control than when you started and that is all we ask.

Read the starting out fact sheet?
Printed out and started your food diary?

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