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Week 1 – Part 3 – Tell Us Your Why...

This is important and you will understand over the coming weeks exactly why we are asking you to do this...

We want you to write down WHY you are doing this course?  WHY did you want to learn more about additives and preservatives?  Basically WHY are you here on this journey with us? It doesn’t have to be a novel, it can be as simple as a few words...

We suggest that you take some time to read our WHY'S (they're just below).  As you can see they're short and to the point.

Sharing your WHY might make you feel quite emotional, so be prepared for that (and this is totally ok by the way).

If you have been struggling with a child who has behavioural issues or if you have been fighting for the people around you to listen then this will likely give you a bit of release that will help you move forward with this journey.

Of course, your WHY might not evoke as much emotion and that is ok too. Speak from the heart and you will find your driving force to move you forward.


Jo's WHY Written DownClick here to view
Tracey's WHY Written DownClick here to view

As you know by now our WHYs are very different, and that's ok.

If you feel comfortable, you can share you WHY over in our Facebook group, so that we can help, encourage and support one another throughout this transition phase.... Stick your WHY on the fridge (or somewhere you will see it), because throughout this course you are going to have some challenging days and might start to slip back into some old habits. By having your WHY written down you can constantly remind yourself of your reasons for being here and it will help you stay focused on your end goal - to transition your family and lives by eating less chemicals.

So please, jump on over to the private Facebook group and share your WHY. 

Don't go to the next page until you've written down your WHY!  This is a must!

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