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Week 1 - Part 10 - Let's Sum It Up!

Whooo hoooo YOU!!  Give yourself a pat on the back because you rock! Well done for getting through week one, we know there was a lot of information but isn't it exciting!  You have learnt so much and when you think about it, isn't it great! We know you are probably hungry for more, but before we move onto week two, let's have a quick look back at what you have achieved so far:

  • We have asked you to tell us your WHY and share this in our private Facebook group.
  • You've started a food diary and are well on your way to positive changes.
  • We looked at direct and indirect food additives
  • You watched four fabulous and informative interviews, thanks Bill, Claire, Clare and Lisa
  • And, you were shown some quick and simple things you can purchase from the supermarket to get you started.

Recap And Relax

We also want to remind you that as much as you might want to jump ahead and keep going, it is really important that you take time to process what you have learnt so far which is why we aren't opening up week two until Monday morning.

We want you to realise that this journey is only just starting, take a moment to process everything, ask us some questions in the Facebook group, re-watch the videos if you wish and get your head around it all as next week is going to be epic.

We have a stack more info and a few more tasks lined up for you - so for now, go and run yourself a nice long, hot bath, or go for a walk and relax, take a deep breath.

See you Monday! And remember - just do the best you can each day and if things go a little astray here and there then remember -#dontstressit.  Just pick up again tomorrow and things will be fine, we promise 🙂

Congratulations You Have Completed Week 1!

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