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Additive Free Made Easy!

30-days to empower you with knowledge, enrich you with happiness and educate you about the harmful chemicals used in the everyday food we feed ourselves and our kids.

We will help you to transition into a healthier & happier lifestyle and to celebrate in the abundance of positive changes you will experience as a result!

  • Learn all about additives and preservatives, what to avoid and why you should avoid them.
  • Hear from experts, doctors, thought-leaders and students about everyday problems (Asthma, ADHD, Allergies, Reactions, Mood Swings, Depression to name a few)... that have been fixed, reduced, improved as a results of removing additives from diets.
  • Simple recipe ideas for everyday meals and snacks that will make your life easier, safer and happier.
  • Step-by-step tasks to help you convert to a happier & healthier lifestyle and overall sense of well-being.
  • Access to our private Facebook community where you will continue to learn, share & advise.
  • Receive full support from course creators, Jo & Tracey (Sistermixin’ Co-Founders), throughout the course and beyond.
  • View interviews done by Jo & Tracey, videos, fact sheets, and guides to keep you informed beyond the course

What's Inside

Additive Free Made Easy!

  • Four Online Modules

    Once you’re registered, you get access to course website with week-by-week structured modules.

  • Flexible Learning Program

    You learn at your own pace. Each week, you get materials to go through at any time that’s good for you.

  • Its' All About Practice

    You’ll get heaps of ideas for meals, shopping tips, and weekly tasks to practice what you’ve learnt.

  • Community Support

    You’ll join an amazing, supportive community during the course and beyond it. You will never feel alone or be judged.

Additive Free Made Easy

Hear From Course Students...

  • Hi Jo and Tracey, thankyou for such an amazing informative program, it has been so helpful in starting the process of removing all the nasties from our food. I really enjoyed all of the "presenters" and the topics. It was very informative, especially in regards to the numbers, the hidden things are no longer hidden we have been empowered to understand what choices we are making. I still have a way to go but thank-you for helping me begin my journey to healthy whole food eating. I would recommend others to join this program, there is so much information out there and it can be overwhelming but this is packaged in easy "bite sized pieces" 🙂 Thanks
    Nicole MFeb '17 Member
  • WOW! what can I say? This was Amazing- I had NO NO NO idea what we have been eating. It has really opened my eyes up to things we are eating. and answers a lot of questions in to behaviours etc I will admit I haven't cut it all out but I am trying to change 90% of things in my cupboard. It amazes me to think these products are still around. The chat group I find is amazing!  Thanks again Jo & Tracey xx
    Sarah BFeb '17 Member
  • I have learnt so much in this course. It has opened my eyes to all the things that are in processed/packaged foods. I am looking forward to healthifying my families eating by cutting out those additives and preservatives and making more food (especially snacks) myself.
    Thank-you Tracey and Jo for making this course available and opening my eyes to a better way of eating and putting in nourishing food into my family rather than the chemical laden ones that aren't always obvious.
    Catherine NNov '16 Member
  • I cant thank you both enough, I also have my sister too thank too for encouraging me to do this course and supporting me. Sisters are just the best! This course has helped my whole family be more healthier and happier! It has helped me to eliminate additives and preservatives in our house both with food, cleaning products and body care. Going A & P free it has helped me by reducing my headaches, bloating, and skin irritations, it has helped my son with his irrational and anger issues and my husband has noticed a huge difference in his gastrointestinal problems... my daughter it has helped her skin irritations, and sleeping... I am hoping it will eventually help her tantrums once we become completely A & P free! You guys are absolutely amazing in all the videos interviews and support you have provided and I have loved doing the course and being apart of the Facebook group both for encouragement and the support! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU for helping my family.
    Diane PFeb '17 Member
  • I would just like to thank you Jo and Tracey for all your work in putting this course together. It is such an amazing, informative course. There is no way I would have been able to gather all the information that you have been able to provide. This course is changing my families life and for the better. I can't thank you enough.
    Angela BNov '16 Member

Two Sisters on a Mission to Help Others!

Sistermixin’ was born over 3 years ago as a result of Jo’s daughter's behavioural and illness issues, and the emotional pain it was causing their family. On the brink of a nervous breakdown, and facing the possibility of having to administer her daughter (Eva) with potentially harmful, strong medication, three numbers changed their lives forever…

As a result of this very real and heart-breaking moment in life, both Jo and Tracey have since worked tirelessly to ensure that the answers they could not find – can now be found!

Click the play button to see Jo tell you her story.

Additive Free Made Easy

Program Breakdown

The course is about improving yours and your family's well-being by empowering you with knowledge about smart food choices. We cover a range of things regarding additives and preservatives, including easy food swaps, how to overcome everyday challenges, plus tonnes of hints and tips to help you achieve your goals.

Week 1: Additives +
  • What are additives with Bill Statham from Chemical Maze
  • Busting the health star rating with Claire Deeks from Dom’s Kitchen
  • Food Culture in the home with Clare from Thriving Children
  • Quick and Easy Meal Ideas with Lisa Corduff from Small Steps Living
  • Simple Swaps, it's all it takes!
Week 2: Food Colours +
  • Artificial Food Colours with Sue Dengate from Food Intolerance Network
  • Talking MSG with Alissa from 123 Nourish Me
  • How to handle those unsupportive family and friends
  • What are additives and why are they in our food?
  • Husbands or Hus-Pains?
  • Anger & Guilt
  • The science & the facts
Week 3: Preservatives +
  • What are preservatives?
  • Sulphites with Georgia Harding from Well Nourished
  • Sodium Benzoates covered with Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life
  • Skin care covered and how to’s DIY's
  • Discuss fussy eating strategies with Dr Brett Hill
  • How to handle a birthday party and not freak out
Week 4: Additive Free Lifestyle +
  • Nitrates/Nitrites
  • Breakfast and lunch ideas from Stacey Clare - A Healthy Mum
  • Lunches covered with Bell from The Root Cause
  • Eating additive free on a budget with Kristy from Real Food Culture
  • The importance of self care with Amy from Happy Mamma
  • Movement and self doubt with Sara Dean from Shameless Mom Academy

Additive Free Made Easy

Health & Well-being Experts

We’re so lucky to have some of the world’s leading experts share their expertise. You are learning from the best!

  • Bill Statham

    Chemical Maze

  • Sue Dengate

    Food Intolerance Network

  • Dr Brett Hill

    Nourish Without Nagging

  • Georgia Harding

    Well Nourished

  • Claire Deeks

    Dom’s Kitchen

  • Clare Crew

    Thriving Children

  • Lisa Corduff

    Small Steps Living

  • Alisa

    123 Nourish Me

  • Bel Smith

    The Root Cause

  • Alexx Stuart

    Low Tox Life

  • Sara Dean

    Shameless Mom Academy

  • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

    Happy Mamma

Additive Free Made Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs the course self paced, or do I need to be somewhere at certain times for videos/workshops?

    The course is totally self paced and flexible to suit your time restraints.  Log in where and when you want.  This course can be done anywhere all over the world.

  • q-iconCan I access the course from a mobile?

    Yes, the course is mobile and tablet friendly.

  • q-iconDo I need a Thermomix?

    No!  This course is not a cooking program.  You will be given recipe ideas, but not told what you can or can’t cook.  The course is about teaching you all the information you need to know to live additive free, it sets you up with all the tools you need.

  • q-iconHow many hours per day will I need?

    If you could allow yourself 30 minutes – 1 hour a day you will be able to complete the course with ease.  Replace us with your night time TV, or watch an interview while folding the washing.  If you can multi-task, you can complete this course.

  • q-iconCan my husband do the course too?

    Absolutely!  We totally encourage your partner and children to do the course with you.  The more your family can get involved the better.

  • q-iconMy children are fussy eaters, will it suit them?

    Totally!  In fact we’ve witnessed fussy children now eating plates full of vegetables.  The more additives you remove from their diets, the more their taste buds will change.

  • q-iconWhere do I go for technical support?

    Simply email info@sistermixin.com

  • q-iconIs there a test or exam at the end?

    No, not at all :).  There is no pass or fail, what you learn and implement is totally up to you.