Additive Free Made Easy

Little Swaps Make A Big Difference

Discover what is in the food you eat and experience a great change to yours and your family's health!

It’s a 4-week online course designed to teach you all about chemicals in your food and help you switch to a healthier, happier lifestyle:

  • Learn all about additives and preservatives, what to avoid and why
  • Hear from experts: get interviews, videos, fact sheets, and guides
  • Get recipe ideas for everyday meals and snacks
  • Get weekly tasks to help you convert to a healthier lifestyle step by step
  • Join our private Facebook group where you will continue to learn and share
  • Receive full support from Jo & Tracey, Sistermixin’

Additive Free Made Easy

Health & Well-being Experts

We’re so lucky to have some of the world’s leading experts share their expertise. You are learning from the best!

  • Bill Statham

    Founder Chemical Maze

  • Sue Dengate

    Founder Food Intolerance Network

  • Dr Brett Hill

    Nourish Without Nagging

  • Georgia Harding

    Well Nourished

  • Claire Deeks

    Dom’s Kitchen

  • Clare Crew

    Thriving Children

  • Lisa Corduff

    Small Steps Living

  • Alisa

    123 Nourish Me

  • Bel Smith

    The Root Cause

  • Alexx Stuart

    Low Tox Life

  • Sara Dean

    Shameless Mom Academy

  • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

    Happy Mamma

Week 1: Additives +
  • What are additives with Bill Statham from Chemical Maze
  • Busting the health star rating with Claire Deeks from Dom’s Kitchen
  • Food Culture in the home with Clare from Thriving Children
  • Quick and Easy Meal Ideas with Lisa Corduff from Small Steps Living
  • Simple Swaps, it's all it takes!
Week 2: Food Colours +
  • Artificial Food Colours with Sue Dengate from Food Intolerance Network
  • Talking MSG with Alissa from 123 Nourish Me
  • How to handle those unsupportive family and friends
  • What are additives and why are they in our food?
  • Husbands or Hus-Pains?
  • Anger & Guilt
  • The science & the facts
Week 3: Preservatives +
  • What are preservatives?
  • Sulphites with Georgia Harding from Well Nourished
  • Sodium Benzoates covered with Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life
  • Skin care covered and how to’s DIY's
  • Discuss fussy eating strategies with Dr Brett Hill
  • How to handle a birthday party and not freak out
Week 4: Additive Free Lifestyle +
  • Nitrates/Nitrites
  • Breakfast and lunch ideas from Stacey Clare - A Healthy Mum
  • Lunches covered with Bell from The Root Cause
  • Eating additive free on a budget with Kristy from Real Food Culture
  • The importance of self care with Amy from Happy Mamma
  • Movement and self doubt with Sara Dean from Shameless Mom Academy